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About CK

STUDIO CK is an ode to my long-standing love for art and design. It combines a passion for photography that my father passed on to me, with the intense curiosity to design in a way that pushes the envelope. I have never felt the need to pigeonhole myself into one area of design - therefore STUDIO CK is a multidisciplinary design studio that specialises in creative direction and interior design, alongside fashion, interior, architectural and product photography.

STUDIO CK was born during my university degree at Torrens University. Whilst completing a Bachelor of Interior Design, I began categorising all my work under the hypothetical name, 'STUDIO CK.' In January 2020, after I graduated, an amazing opportunity presented itself to me and I took the leap to move overseas and work in a fashion role at Andi Bagus. It was my dream and what was to be an incredible chapter, lasted all of two months as COVID-19 changed the world in March. Exactly 60 days later, I found myself back in my childhood bedroom, in quarantine. It was discombobulating, to say the very least. Without a job and purpose, I saw the career trajectory I had carefully planned slip away from me.

A trip to Sydney in May 2021 saw me socialising with many other young and highly successful creatives at my cousin’s wedding. I left feeling incredibly inspired and motivated...a feeling I hadn’t experienced since I had come back to Perth. So, on June 1st, 2021 I officially registered a new business under a name that came so naturally and was a sentimental nod to my early design days - STUDIO CK. I had always known that I would eventually work for myself, but at the time, told myself that I needed more industry experience at 24. Thanks to COVID, that timeline was expedited by 3 years and I took the opportunity without a second thought. 

As I write this in 2022, I have never felt so happy, aligned and fulfilled in working towards something I have dreamt of creating since high school - the days of Tumblr and my blog, 'The Vintage Haze' that was dedicated to high-fashion, art and my obsession for all things design. 


So, reader, please join me in the whirlwind of business and the evolution of STUDIO CK. I would love to work with you.

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